Building a sustainable world


Algae token’s governance will begin at launch and be a completely on-chain experience for users to participate in the future of the Algae Token protocol.
Algae Token governance will be led by the scientific team experienced with the development of large scale production projects. This is advantageous to the public, having experts direct the project for optimal outcomes. The public is invited to vote on projects and lead in the direction of Algae Token with governance of token holders encouraged. Users that participate in building the protocol through governance will earn rewards for doing so.

Once a project, protocol feature or upgrade is voted on, Algae Token foundation will not control the development or implementation of the proposal except as an independent developer team. Algae Token holders are entirely responsible for obeying the law in their jurisdiction when voting on governance matters.

Profit Sharing

The founding principle of the Algae Token protocol is to provide decentralized funding to support sustainable products and services, whilst ensuring revenue generated from these projects is used to expand capabilities and increase the value of Algae Token.

Algae Token Projects are established in essence as not for profit businesses, they are sustainable green projects that benefit local communities and have a far-reaching benefits for the environment and community. Revenue generated from these projects is split equally, with 50% of revenue used to continue project growth to enable expanding production. The other 50% is returned to Algae token (in the form of a loan repayment) to enable the project to buy back Algae Tokens which increases demand, distributing revenue back to core value members of the ecosystem whom hold Algae Token’s.

Vesting Period

Private, Presale and Founders will be locked for a 2 year period.

Treasury will be community and scientific governance with tokens released over a 15 year period.





Phase 1: 2022

✔ Launch of Website and Whitepaper

✔ Cardano Catalyst Proposals

✔ Cardano Launchpad


Phase 2: Q3 and Q4 of 2023

  • Establish token classification
  • Presale / Private sale
  • Multiple Energy Audits
  • Extended marketing for the algae farm project

Phase 3: Q4 of 2023

  • Token Launch through Launchpad (ADA Platform)
  • Listing through Cardano DEX’s / Asset Exchange
  • Establishment of the first algae farm in Australia

Phase 4: Q1 and Q2 of 2024

  • Listing through major exchanges
  • Research and Development for continual improvement
  • Educating the global community about algae farming
  • Assessment of suitable locations around the globe for the establishment of algae farm

Phase 5: Q1 and Q2 of 2025

  • Establishment of the 2nd algae farm in the Middle East / Africa
  • Educating the global community about algae farming
  • Fundraising for carbon dioxide capture and utilization

Dylan Kreis


Dr Skye Thomas-Hall